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telnetd an

random foto: elaborately wired contraption (Technikmuseum Berlin)

I bought a Fritz!Box 7050 for cheap on eBay the other day. It's a home router with built-in DSL modem, WLAN, and a POTS interface. The reason I got it was that I'd like to ditch my aging, bulky, and increasingly flaky ISDN phone in favour of using my mobile as a VOIP handset for the Fritz!Box.

The device itself works very well, including my old phone, WLAN, and ADSL2+. Unfortunately, as it turns out, the 7050 doesn't support VOIP handsets in the stock firmware. Google says, however, that you can actually run full-blown Asterisk on it. Now, the reason for this post is my amusement over the method to get a shell on the thing. Connect a phone, dial #96*7*, et voila:

Well, thanks! :)

A lot of frustrating frickel later, however, I've decided to give up for today. I got Asterisk to run, dialing out from the PC via X-Lite actually worked, but SIP registration fails on my Nokia E51, for unknown reasons.

For later reference, here's the list of the relevant links I found: