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mar 2011

Making a stupid little time waster with Javascript


I used the weekend to code a little memory game in Javascript. Apart from being pointless and annoying (especially if your visual memory sucks as much as mine), I think it turned out lovely!

I was hoping to gain some experience with user-facing Javascript from it, as previous excursions into the misunderstood programming language have been minimal in one way or another. So, this time I got to use some actual objects. Structured data, woo!

I poked around the design space a little to see what was up with Crockford's take on prototypal inheritance vs. others' assertions that his dislike of the new-operator was ill-founded. You can look at the code to see what I settled on in this instance, but maybe I'll leave that discussion for another post. Suffice it to say, it's a bit of a mish-mash but I'm sure it will crystallize nicely.

Oh yeah, and this is going onto my side project (I desperately needed one!) site kompilierfreizeit.de. I'm going to collect some nice other time wasters there, but won't say it out too loud, yet. That would just make me feel obligated…

Have fun!