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nov 2009

Do you have a MUA ready to follow mailto: links?


Just wondering, because if you do, you can now leave comments on posts on this site. Of course, my solution is unusual and specifically excludes HTML forms, CGI scripts or any other webcrap. Honestly though, I think it's kind of elegant like this:

Anyway, with this yak now out of the way, back to important work. I've got a few crazy ideas on which I'd very much appreciate feedback. Stay tuned.

telnetd an

random foto: elaborately wired contraption (Technikmuseum Berlin)

I bought a Fritz!Box 7050 for cheap on eBay the other day. It's a home router with built-in DSL modem, WLAN, and a POTS interface. The reason I got it was that I'd like to ditch my aging, bulky, and increasingly flaky ISDN phone in favour of using my mobile as a VOIP handset for the Fritz!Box.

The device itself works very well, including my old phone, WLAN, and ADSL2+. Unfortunately, as it turns out, the 7050 doesn't support VOIP handsets in the stock firmware. Google says, however, that you can actually run full-blown Asterisk on it. Now, the reason for this post is my amusement over the method to get a shell on the thing. Connect a phone, dial #96*7*, et voila:

Well, thanks! :)

A lot of frustrating frickel later, however, I've decided to give up for today. I got Asterisk to run, dialing out from the PC via X-Lite actually worked, but SIP registration fails on my Nokia E51, for unknown reasons.

For later reference, here's the list of the relevant links I found: